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- Produkty nasze powstają pod stałym nadzorem lekarzy weterynarii. Zarówno surowce jak i produkty posiadają aktualne stosowne badania. Towary sprzedajemy w sieciach specjalistycznych hurtowni i sklepów zoologicznych na terenie całej Polski, oraz za granicą.

Herbal shampoos for dogs and cats

Herbal shampoos for dogs and cats -

for dogs, cats

A new generation of insecticidal, medical and skin care products of our company is a result of many years of observations of animals, their reactions for cosmetics and preparations.
HAU and MIAU shampoos are products for especially demanding customers.
HAU® and MIAU® are shampoos for dogs, cats and small fur animals.
These have been the best shampoos on the Polish market for many years, and this is confirmed by numerous positive opinions of our customers and the lack of claims. See also Deropta shampoos - BASIC.

Components used for the production of our shampoos are natural, they have attests and are accepted for sale. Ready products after long research obtained a positive opinion of the Institute of Veterinary Science and acceptance for sale issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. They are recommended for amateur and professional use - in veterinary practice, in veterinary clinics and shelters for animals. They are made on the basis of tropical trees oils, lanoline, provitamin B, D-Panthenol and others. Active substances - prophylactic and healing - are extracts from herbs used in dermatology for treatment and care of skin and fur and for removing and repel insects (fleas, louse, ticks). Due to specially chosen, delicate components and a proper amount of protective factors - they are accepted by animals who have receptors a few thousand times more sensitive than receptors of humans (smell and taste).

Every shampoo should be diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1: 5 before use.

They contain cations thanks to which fur treated with them regularly remains elastic and shiny. BASIC.

HAU - herbal insecticidal shampoo for dogs. The shampoo effectively helps to remove insects. It contains repellents which are herbal extracts destroying fleas, louse, ticks and their eggs. Recommended for washing adult dogs kept at home and at work, as well as for sheep and other domestic animals. It contains protective agents due to which it is gentle for animal's skin hurt by insect bites. FLOMIK - eherbal insecticidal shampoo for pups and young dogs. The shampoo is produced for young dogs who already have fleas when they are bought. It contains gentle foaming agents, double protective component, D-Panthenol, lanoline, jojoba oil, olive oil, and repellents which are extracts from larkspur, chrysanthemum, tea-tree, cedar and other herbs destroying and repelling fleas, louse, ticks and their eggs.

JUNIOR - e- herbal treatment shampoo for pups and young dogs. Camomile soothes skin irritations and scratches, relieves pain and removes external pyoderma and skin inflammations, it is effective in treatment of allergy. The JUNIOR shampoo is a gentle shampoo for pups and young dogs, helpful in treatment of allergy and skin inflammations resulting from e.g. insects bites. It contains olive oil and B group provitamins. Can be used as prevention. It makes fur slightly lighter in shade.

BIKI - herbal insecticidal shampoo for older dogs and convalescents after diseases. A delicate shampoo. Helps in removing insects, healing skin inflammations and allergies. It contains olive oil and B group provitamins. Can be used as prevention for all dogs. It makes fur slightly lighter in shade.

HAU PROVITA - (repair effect) - vitamin shampoo for dogs.
HAU PROVITA is used for treatment and for care of skin and fur.
Repair effect - this effect is obtained by using natural components maintaining proper lipid activity of skin and fur.

moisturises the skin, which becomes soft and elastic when the preparation is used regularly, prevents drying of hair and maintains proper humidity inside it, has anti-inflammatory effect and relieves skin swelling, causes the growth of epidermis and proper graining of the skin with small wounds (caused by insects bites), and with epidermal wounds, soothes the effects of exposure to sun, soothes redness of skin - so called Erythem, makes wounds healing faster, disentangles fur, prevents hair splitting, regenerates damaged hair, strengthens and adds volume to hair, leaves it shiny and elastic.

HAU NORKA - mink shampoo for dogs. Natural mink oil is one of the best preparations used in cosmetics for treatment and care of skin and hair. By maintaining the natural lipid layer it heals the skin, increases its elasticity, regenerates and helps to regain natural smoothness. Has a soothing effect in inflammations and seborrhoea. The HAU NORKA shampoo contains anti-allergic agents and can be used for dogs with sensitive skin.

LANO - - protective lanoline shampoo for dogs. Lanoline - natural discharge of sweat glands of animals. All fur is covered with it. The condition of fur and skin depends on its amount. Typical shampoos contain a large amount of detergents which remove lanoline from fur. We suggest using the LANO shampoo as a protective agent for washing dogs who were washed before with traditional shampoos.

HAU - herbal shampoo against dandruff and psoriaris.

Birch - burdock shampoo helping in treatment of skin with dandruff and psoriaris.
Birch - cures skin irritations caused by dandruff and psoriaris, has a disinfecting effect.
Burdock - cares for fur, makes it shiny, prevents losing hair.

HAU - herbal fungicide shampoo.
Oak - nettle shampoo helping in treatment of skin with mycosis.
Oak - cures eczema and ulcers as well as hard-healing wounds caused by bites of insects or other animals.
Nettle - disinfects the skin, strengthens hair and hair bulbs. Adds shine to hair.

LADY - disentangling shampoo for dogs with long and medium-length fur.
The jojoba oil is received in a natural way from Samandiae Chennix tree as fluid wax 44% - 59%, with composition similar to natural whale fat. For thousands of years it has been used by South American Indians in medicine and for cosmetic purposes as "miraculous oil". No toxic properties were found so there are no counter indications defined. It lubricates the skin and hair at its all length, increases the elasticity and resistance to chemical agents.
The jojoba oil remains on dry hair after washing and makes it smooth enough to disentangle, it also prevents the formation of hair tangles.
Fur - especially long one - washed with the LADY shampoo is easy to comb, it is soft and shiny

MIAU - herbal treatment shampoo for cats. It contains lanoline, olive oil, group B provitamins, extracts and oils from tropical trees, anti-allergic components, herbal extracts. Due to minimum contents of detergents and increased amount of protective agents it heals and cares for cat's skin wounded by insects as well as for hair weakened by the activity of usual and aggressive shampoos. It can be used for all cats - young and adult.

AMER - disentangling hair care shampoo for Persian cats.
Gentle hair care shampoo with disentangling effect, for all cats, especially for Persian and all long-haired ones.
It contains:
lanoline, jojoba oil, group B provitamins, D-Panthenol, mink oil, olive oil, aloes and almond extracts, gentle foaming agents with double protective agent AMER prevents hair matting and tangling.

nr EAN
HAU INSEKT przeciw insektom
against insects
01701 180 ml
HAU TINEA przeciw grzybicy i łuszczycy against
mycosis and psoriaris
01703 180 ml
HAU DANDRUFF przeciw łupieżowi
against dandruff
01704 180 ml 20
HAU JUNIOR dla psów mlodych i osłabionych
for young and weakened dogs
01702 180 ml 20
HAU PROVITA zawiera witaminy z grupy B
contains group B vitamins
01705 180 ml 20
HAU NORKA zawiera olej norkowy
contains mink oil
01706 180 ml 20
LADY z olejem jojoba oil, rozplątujący
with jojoba oil, disentangling
01711 180 ml 20
FLOMIK wspomaga zwalcznaie insektów
helps to remove insects
01712 180 ml 20
LANO lanolinowy, ochronny
lanoline, protective
01710 180 ml 20
BIKI przeciw insektom
against insects
01708 180 ml 20
MIAU dla wszystkich kotów
for all cats
01709 180 ml 20
AMER dla kotów perskich
for Persian cats
01707 180 ml 20
HAU TERRIER nowość podstawowy dla psów szorstkowłosych
basic for wire coat breeds
01713 180 ml 20
HAU TERRIER SPECIAL nowość dla różnych malych i delikatnych zwierząt
for small and/or sensitive animals
01714 180 ml 20
HAU TERRIER INSEKT nowość dla psów szorstkowłosych przeciw insektom
against insects for wire coat dogs
01715 180 ml 20