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- Produkty nasze powstają pod stałym nadzorem lekarzy weterynarii. Zarówno surowce jak i produkty posiadają aktualne stosowne badania. Towary sprzedajemy w sieciach specjalistycznych hurtowni i sklepów zoologicznych na terenie całej Polski, oraz za granicą.


PREMIUM - for the hamster, budgerigars, average parrots, canary, mice, rabbit, koszatniczki, chinchilla, big parrots


Our pets usually live in cages, aquariums, aviaries, terrariums. It is us who literally decide about their life switching light off and on when we choose. We are often their only companions, instead of representatives of their own species. These wonderful silent friends often need our help, at least our everyday presence. It is us who decide about their everyday menu, about the thing which has the most significant effect on their health, well-being, temperament, reproduction.

daphnia offers multi-season food.

We compose its ingredients in such a way so that it could meet the demand for mineral salts, vitamins and components with proper nutritive value - depending on the season of the year. Buying our food the breeder can be sure that we take care of his pet. Animals have different needs in spring when they change feathers, fur, regenerate their organisms, start breeding season and different needs in summer when nature provides them with a large quantity of vitamins and mineral salts. In autumn all living creatures accumulate in their organisms reserves to help them survive winter. In winter, on the other hand, animals have different needs, especially if they do not sleep and remain active all the time.

Food produced by us contains natural ingredients and nutrients only. It contains vitamins and mineral salts which strengthen the organism effectively increasing its immunity against bacteria, viruses and infections all year round. Iodine contained in our food protects thyroid gland, regulates hormonal system in the organism and has a protective effect on the digestive tract. Animals fed regularly with our food are healthy and active, their fur or feathers are dense, shining and elastic.

PREMIUM is a specially selected mix of ingredients, chosen individually for the needs of a given species.
PREMIUM is a perfect recipe as well as real and not volume contents of food.
The motto of PREMIUM is : WEIGH AND COMPARE!!!

nr EAN
BUBUdla chomika
dor hammster
001010,5 kg10
TIKIdla papużek falistych
for budgerigars
001020,5 kg10
PIGIdla świnki morskiej
for quinea pigs
001030,5 kg10
CZIKAdla papug średnich
for midlle-sized parrots
001040,5 kg10
KOKOdla kanarka
001050,5 kg10
MIMIdla myszek
for mouses
001080,5 kg10
SMYKdla królika
for rabbits
001090,5 kg10
KOSIAdla kosztaniczek
for degu
001110,5 kg10
TUTTIdla małych egzotycznych ptaszków
for little exotic birds
001060,5 kg10
PUSZEKdla szynszyli
for chinchillas
001170,5 kg10
CORAdla dużych papug
for big parrots
001070,5 kg10